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My interview with photo-artist Jamie Mcleod for Glass Magazine

Just a brief post. I interviewed the photo-artist Jamie Mcleod this month for the online edition of Glass Magazine. Here it is.  I’d be delighted to read any comments you have.

As mentioned in an earlier post, the very talented Mcleod has his private view for his show Ottoman Fight Club, which the interview focuses on, at Dalston Superstore tonight, January 12 starting at 7pm.

The formidable and fantastic Tiff McGinnis, aka Grande Dame, will be providing the sounds, the author Bertie Marshall will be reading and the Ginger Light, fronted by poet and writer Jeremy Reed will be performing.

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Robert – a short story

So, an experiment. Here is a (very) short story which I wrote, perhaps, over 20 years ago, it being one of my first attempts at fiction. I found the original typed pages this year and thought that perhaps I would post them here. I’m not sure how legible they will be on this platform. But here goes.

Growing up in the UK in 70s was quite a different experience to doing so now. Most families weren’t, how can I put it, child-centred. It was more like children should be seen and not heard, at least that’s how I remember things. But I was just another tortured teen, I suppose.

Let me know what you think and I’ll post some more.

Robert – a short story page 1

Robert – a short story page 2

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